Tricks on Riding Four Wheelers Perfectly

Four wheelers, also known as All-Terrain Vehicles or ATVs, are a popular leisure vehicle. Some ATV riders use their vehicle as a way to go around in country where traditional vehicles cannot pass, while others use their ATVs to perform tricks and stunts. Beginning ATV riders should be certain that they have learned the basics of riding and ATV safety prior to attempting any tricks.

Single Jump

The jump is the basis for many different tricks on four wheelers, so it is important to master the single jump prior to trying other tricks. A small and gently sloping ramp is sufficient for a single jump. Bend over the ATV handlebars in an "attack" position, with elbows extended straight out and knees bent at a 45-degree angle. Steadily depress the gas pedal all the way up the ramp, until airborne. Keep the front end of the four wheelers elevated and attempt to land on the back wheels of the vehicle.

Double Jump

A double jump uses the same technique as a single jump, but the jump is set up in a different way. The ramp for the first jump will be followed by a landing ramp. There is a short distance, then a second set of ramps for the second jump. The first jump will be performed as normal, with the exception of the landing, which will need to be nose-first rather than back wheels first. (Push handlebars down to angle the nose to the ground. ) When the nose of the four wheelers lands, hit the gas pedal, moving straight onto the second ramp. Perform the second jump, this time landing back wheels first.

Heel Click

A heel click demands a ramp that allows considerable airtime, so a familiar ramp that is known to achieve sufficient time in the air should be used to perform this trick. Upon leaving the lip of the ramp, kick feet upward, outward, and to the front. Click heels together once, while still holding handlebars completely. Return feet to original position for the landing. Land wheels first, angling the nose of the ATV up slightly.


Wheelies, in which the front wheels of the ATV are raised off the ground while the back wheels remain on the ground, are performed by applying extreme torque to the back wheels. Using a manual clutch ATV, pull the clutch in, shifting to first gear. Rev the throttle to the halfway point at a minimum. Throw full body weight backwards while popping the clutch. This allows the front wheels to raise up into the air and then balance once the ATV reaches its balance point. In some instances pulling the handlebars backwards very firmly can help the ATV achieve the proper balance point. To return to original position, lower the nose of the four wheeler softly to the ground while maintaining a consistent speed.

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The development of four wheeler ATVs

ATV stands for "all terrain vehicles" and originated in the 50's. The early models had 6 wheels instead of the 4 that riders have now become accustomed to. The first company to make a 3-wheel ATV was Honda in 1970. These 3-wheel ATVs were used in "Diamonds are Forever" movie, which was a James Bond movie.

In 1982 Honda made the news with its landmark model Honda ATC200E Big Red! It was the 1st utility 3-wheeled ATV to hit the market and it's ability to go just about anywhere made it quite popular with the thrill ride seekers as well as the hunters.

Suzuki decided to give Honda some competition and was the first manufacturer to sell the 4-wheeled ATV. In 1983 Suzuki introduced the Quadrunner LT125 model, which was favored as a recreational vehicle for beginning ATV riders. In 1985 they released the first high-performance 4-wheel ATV called the LT250R Quad Racer! This model was so popular it was manufactured from 1985-1992

and even had 3 major engineering makeovers. This ATV became known as a favorite among the highly skilled riders.

Honda was not ready to give up and stepped up the competition by releasing the Four Trax TRX250R model. To date this model has never been replicated. Kawasaki then decided to they wanted a piece of the ATV action as well and released the Tecate-4-250 in 1987. Next was Yamaha who introduced a highperformance ATV called the Banshee 350. The Banshee has been so popular that it remained available in the US until 2006.

Since the four wheelers were first available to the general public in the 1970's they have undergone a number of mechanical as well as cosmetic changes. There are now a number of different ATV models available to meet the needs of all ATV riders.

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Information About Four Wheelers

Four Wheelers Definition

·         Four wheelers, also known as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) or quads, are small vehicles designed for one or two people. They have handlebars like motorcycles, low-pressure tires and a seat exposed to the elements without the enclosed cab that most cars have. They are capable of going off-road and can negotiate fairly narrow trails and other places cars cannot because of their size.

Four Wheelers Design

·         Four wheelers are specialized for riding off-road and on steep trails. Their low-pressure tires absorb bumps and jolts well without popping. The tires are knobby, which gives them the traction needed to dig through loose dirt and gravel. With a "soft" suspension system, four wheelers are able to get around the uneven terrain of off-road and trail driving. Finally, four wheelers have very powerful engines for their size, allowing them to climb steep hills.

Utility and Sport

·         Four wheelers for sale come in two basic styles: utility and sport. Utility four wheelers are bigger, heavier and more practical. They have racks built in as well as hitches, and body panels to protect the rider from spray. They are good for towing trailers, transporting gear or doing farm work. Sport quads are smaller, lighter and faster. They have looser suspensions to deal with high-speed riding and jumping, and very quick, responsive turning. They are a bit harder to control, and can't do the heavy moving that utility quads can, but they are better for high-speed leisure riding.

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An introduction to ATV

An introduction to ATV

 There are many different types of ATV (also referred to as 4 wheelers, all terrain vehicles or quads). Within each type of ATV there are many different designs and models to choose from, sometimes adding up to very significant differences in performance between the models. The types of 4 wheeled all terrain vehicles are utility ATVs, sports ATVs, and youth sized ATVs.

Utility 4 wheeled ATVs are heavy and most have large engines. Plus, utility quads are large enough to carry cargo on the front and back in beds, baskets or on racks. Utility models can also tow small trailers or carts. Utility models work well for farming, hunting, fishing and camping since they can carry cargo while getting through rough terrain. Sports ATVS are good for recreational purposes like racing. Sports 4 wheelers for sale traditionally have smaller engines, tires, frames and have better suspension than utility versions. This makes sports models lighter in weight for improved stability at high speeds.

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All About Kids Four Wheelers

The kids often get restless for and insist on getting car when they observe their mom and dad or the older siblings are on the full sized four wheelers with lot of fun and entertainments. But it need a lot of care and skill to handle a 4 wheeler ATV in an off road condition. 4 wheelers should be such that it gives your child real fun of ‘going off road’ without meeting danger. The toy 4 wheelers should be close enough simulation to give your child a sense of satisfactory substitution for an adult vehicle. It should bear the look of adult vehicle in miniature form.

Why the question of safety?

Safety is always the first concern when it comes to getting a four wheeler that is just the right fit to your child. A child will put his car through a rough and tumble play. Though the kids four wheelers are without proper engine mechanism it can still serve the purpose of roaming for the child to take him to yards or to the field around your house. Be sure enough about the use of helmet when playing with ATV in miniature form. The use of helmet not only save him from being hurt with minor injuries but also make him disciplined  for later life when in adult age he begins to use adult version of ATV where the helmet is a must to save his life.

Engine Types of the 4 wheelers

Four wheelers for kids either have two-stroke or four stroke engine. Four stroke engines are for slower space and two stroke engines are designed for slower space. These engines offer variety of power. Kids between the ages of 6 and 11 can operate four wheelers up to 70cc and 90cc for the kids ages between 12 and 15. Those who are 16+ can operate 4 wheelers with more than 90cc of power.

Mechanisms of 4 Wheelers for Kids

Brake mechanism of the 4 wheelers for kids can be controlled by either hand lever or foot pedal. Some models have an extra brake for the back wheels. The cars use either drum brake or disc brake. The drum brakes are for slow driving whereas the disc brakes are for fast driving. The distance between the wheels is an important in four wheelers for kids. The wider the spacing, the more stable your child will feel. The car can be started using a pull start, kick start or an electric start. The throttle or the  fuel valve can be controlled either by thumb or by twisting the handle bar.

Plenty of great kids four wheelers

There are plenty of great kid’s fourwheelers for sale to choose from. The Raptor 90 and the Grizzly 125 from Yamaha are very nice kids four wheelers. The TRX90X of Honda are considered best of its kind. The Suzuki kids’ four wheelers are among the best valued cars. Polaris and Arctic Cat also offer several kids’ four wheeler options. Each company typically offers many variations on style, design and color.

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